Asteroids Comets Destruction Oh My!

Humor and Science Fiction  Isn’t our government brilliant

First the list:  Good people are good people no matter the color or where they come from

Science exploration is essential – please go for it

IT’S A MOVIE  we’ve pretended to destroy the Earth

several times

We set ourselves down at the theater, popcorn, the lights go down and the character building begins. An older man looks disgusted, looking for something, finds it – the card, pack light, small cooler, loaf of bread- cheese- spinach-mayo- cold pack- water. Oklahoma red dirt and an old Volvo, the back-flashes of some of his past at the Pentagon unfold. He arrives at the Pentagon, (or the correct building that’s into global planning — read — never been to Washington, don’t know) he tries his card and it fails. The cartoon bubble above his head reads. If you trash your card – door 7b Fib.  Walks around to 7b, pushes his card into the antique reader and enters the sequence to 8. Down the hall from his old office he slowly opens the door then moves to the man behind the desk. Settles – leans over and hisses!

We have a problem here, Panama canal is outdated for some shipping- Our country is being bought by people that will eventually raise the rent and we will not have a place.  You dumb asses are thinking way too small! Go get an asteroid, bring it in and pretend to try to blow it up, but it just breaks into two pieces. You fix global warming, open up shipping, and slow down “the landlord”!

Soo, I recently read about the project of towing an asteroid into an orbit around the moon. Hmmh, I said Hmmh.
BTW. It’s mostly not approved yet.


Pa. police searching for one man: how many  weeks? how much cost? Something is wrong with this story.

Let us start with the correct question.

Why? and Who?

Who was the first officer that abused this person. Charge that person with the entire cost?

Why did that officer think they had the right to overstep their authority? Were they advised to do so by another officer or a supervisor, or the ( State Policy).

1.3 million a day is what appeared on the internet “news”

Sure, the Police killer could just be nuts, but there’s a good possibility he’s not where they are looking.