Pictures 084DSCF0041Keep it simple.
What I don’t know? That could fill a library, then, someone asks how, or why, or presents a sequence, a cascade of failures, that’s when “out of the box” is a treat.
Nice of you to stop by, I’m an analyst of mechanical, physical, passionate,  mathematical, emotional, and electrical processes.  We are not machines, that would be much easier. When the opportunity arrives, I truly love helping,( sometimes just providing the environment) to be creative. Some loyal clients enjoy total freedom  to have a new living space created.  The movie “Must love Dogs” would give you a visual impression and  some of the attitude  I like to project.       — that’s a simple explanation, it’s usually more complicated —

Some years ago the opportunity to go Rock Climbing arrived. It’s a great focus and entertainment exercise. The pic is Oct. 2014 Red River Gorge Ky. That’s a big rock and several difficulty grades above gym rated 5.11a/b — safety rope caught me when I fell off shortly after the pic was taken. Always have and use reliable gear, nuff said.

I have a thing about honest, it holds me back attempting to write Sci- Fi.  Mechanical- Physics – The distance to the nearest star, Whew.  Just look it up, and think about  the “speed we humans have the ability to travel through the stars”  I guess I could say, not in the near future.

I build projects,furniture, additions,metal, fabric, anything , out of any material I have experience with.  A few minutes watching a licensed or highly trained professional usually covers what I don’t have experience with. This is fun, and if there was such a thing as gifted with skills – maybe. There are blogs in wordpress that I treasure, with incredible wit and timing using the perfect words to express  the feeling , the moment, the attitude. Y’all have a knack, thanks for sharing.  When/if I become a writer, I’d like to be like you.

4 thoughts on “About

    • The goal: unite in common sense, analysis of the actual facts,
      about myself: sure , has some interest- the larger picture is the focus right now. Racism has many faces. How this blog will end ? Just getting started.
      Thanks for feedback/comment

  1. Thanks for the insight. I started a science fiction novel and would let you give it a read if you wish. Just let me know and I will email it to you. By the way have you flown gliders?

    • Welcome, SF write – good for you, I’m into one only about 10 pages. Writing real gets in the way- I’m 100% mechanic. Possible collaborate – we’ll look into options- thanks.
      Soaring is a great sport – rarely can use the skill for much tangible except “be able to do it”. Weather analysis presents some cool moments. One – I radio a guy about 10 miles out. Be here asap – so we can put the plane away before it rains in 20 min. Be a little bird-brain is some essential 🙂 Only 200 plus hour experience as pilot in command PIC — learn some new air anomaly still. wood.wind.create@gmail.com

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