Pa. police searching for one man: how many  weeks? how much cost? Something is wrong with this story.

Let us start with the correct question.

Why? and Who?

Who was the first officer that abused this person. Charge that person with the entire cost?

Why did that officer think they had the right to overstep their authority? Were they advised to do so by another officer or a supervisor, or the ( State Policy).

1.3 million a day is what appeared on the internet “news”

Sure, the Police killer could just be nuts, but there’s a good possibility he’s not where they are looking.

The bank is closed today

I checked the notice and decided to look up columbus day – a legal holiday.

Note that bank and columbus are not capitalized, they both could earn the respect of being capitalized, but not today.

This is some of what I found.

The man that saw the white beaches of the Bahamas first was supposed to get a reward. Of course Columbus was lost actually, but stole his reward anyway.

The natives were pure and generous traders, but a few had tiny gold ear-rings, their undoing. Shortly they were slaves, ravaged, raped, and some were beheaded just for fun. Look it up

The natives numbered in the thousands, easily propagated and gave birth painlessly but the men were then slaves, the women worked hard and undernourished, if a child was born there was not milk to feed them and they died or the mothers drowned them to spare them a horrible death. It only took a short time to kill them all.  Once in a while they would have to test how sharp a sword was by slicing off a piece of flesh from a native.

The concept of celebrating Columbus Day  –  Your Decision? To the credit of a young Priest that thought this behavior was disgusting, some of this is recorded. Thank youSanta-Maria