Yeah, it’s about Life, and balance, think “full life”

cowThe question: Do you have allergies? Do you know – we are the top of the food chain?  “We” should be able to like and eat anything labeled food?

Just this morning there was a post on internet news how antibiotics might be to blame for the good bacteria we should have, being eliminated and an otherwise perfectly healthy boys death from Peanuts.

Free info. : Here’s one moment how I remember it. I was about 7yo. and my older sisters first born was having a terrible time “digesting” . We brought her to the farm and introduced her slowly and carefully to how we had all been fed as children. One part of that was real milk from our small dairy, it was a Grade B dairy meaning the milk was going to be turned into cheese.

Without serious research  I’m suggesting thousands of years of cheese before our current technology.

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